So this is How Avatar Kinect Works…

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Though I don’t think it’s an entirely necessary feature, what I’ve seen so far from Avatar Kinect – outed at this year’s CES – has impressed me. A rather succinct tech video explaining how it works has now surfaced – and I’m still pretty impressed.

Kinect’s two cameras work in conjunction to map the face, generating a wire mesh that follows and interprets the player’s motions and expressions. Of course, impressive as the tech may be, right now it’s just being underutilised (much like Kinect itself, really) as nothing more than a flashy, glorified chatroom. One day, the tech could be used in games where NPC’s react to your emotional state – which could be quite an immersive experience. Or, more likely, it could just be used for cyber sex.

video after the jump.

Last Updated: January 11, 2011

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