So, when’s Tekken X Street Fighter coming?

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Capcom’s side of the crossover deal is done; Street Fighter X Tekken shouryukened retail in the face last week, and by all accounts is a pretty damned amazing fighter, even though it might have an issue or two. I wouldn’t know. My sealed copy is still in its packaging because, well, because Mass Effect 3, that’s why. Though I’m not one to judge them for backing the wrong horse, a lot of fight fans are more interested in Namco’s Tekken X Street Fighter.

So when’s that coming?

According to Capcom’s notoriously…tricksy Yoshinoro Ono, it might not appear until 2018 – because Namco’s Harada and his team have yet to draw up a single design document.

“It might take a really long time to come out because they haven’t made a single design document yet,” he told Gamesmaster magazine (via Gaming Everything) “so they’re way behind schedule. But we definitely trust them, so whenever that game gets out the door we think they’ll have a really good thing.

“Just to reiterate that point, they really haven’t made any progress on the game at all. It might be 2018 before the game comes out for all we know, and in the mean time, we want people to enjoy Street Fighter X Tekken. Hopefully we can make it past the Mayan end-of-the-world apocalypse at the end of 2012 and then maybe they can get around to making the game.”

I can’t say I’ve really enjoyed a Tekken game since the first Tekken Tag Tournament – but that’s probably because my fighting game roots are in Street Fighter. I am, however, quite keen to see how Harada adapts the world Warriors to Tekken’s close-combat, side-stepping mechanics. Pity I’ll have to wait until 2018 then, eh?

Last Updated: March 12, 2012

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