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Social and core games to converge, says Kojima

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Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear solid and Zone of the enders, has said that his studio might incorporate social gaming  elements in to future core games – and that the rift between the two might not be as distinct as core gamers believe.

"I don’t think social and core games are separate, both will evolve together, and at some point I feel the social side of things will converge with the core games," Kojima said to CVG.

"I think in the future maybe Metal Gear will change in certain ways to integrate social aspects. If you look at other games on the market now you can see it’s already happening, so Metal Gear may at some point get involved."

Kojima’s plan is to merge social and core gaming, saying "lots of ideas on how social aspects can make Metal Gear more fun."

"It’s using social to integrate different core groups, so you have the core audience but then, via social methods, hardcore gamers can interact with less hardcore players."

Uncharted 2 famously included a feature that would automatically tweet out one’s milestones within the game – but ended up spamming twitter feeds with pointless information. I like t use video games as means to escape the outside world – so if this includes the likes of Facebook games (Metal Gear Solidville?) and Twitter, you can count me the hell out.

Last Updated: June 11, 2012

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