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For those who have not been around forever, Guerilla the developers of Killzone 2 were caught previously faking an ‘ingame’ trailer.

Instead of it actually being ingame they decided it would be a better idea to hire a film studio to fake a trailer. Well as you can well imagine that didn’t go down well. So now when I get a tip in my email about a development house ‘touching up’ some screenshots for the media I didn’t expect it to be them again.

Needless to say we all know that the developers do things like this and it is to be expected, however once you are caught once you would think not to do it again.

According to Guerilla games

They are only the tiniest bit touched up. Short answer is yes. Long answer is that there was a little bit of colour-correction done and some minor polish, but nothing major. Still very close to reality and it looks better in motion in my opinion.

Tiniest bit? Are they on a personal crusade to be the least trusted group at the moment?

Killzone 2: Guerilla Confirms Killzone 2 Screens Were “Touched Up”

[Thanks to Doobiwan for this tip]

Last Updated: December 10, 2007

Gavin Mannion

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  • Ruslan

    Needless to say I have stopped trusting video clips & screenshots of PS3 games after the first Killzone 2 “trailer”. I will only believe it when I see it after all the lies that are posted. Even if I get 7 mins of gameplay out of a 1.2GB download (Uncharted demo ) its better to see it yourself.

  • Evildoobiwan

    Waaaaaaa Waaaaaaa, Im a little crying baby.
    Lame ass haters!!!

  • LazySAGamer

    So your happy with them lying to you about the true quality of games?

  • J4NR1K

    He must be … he bought the whole 4D games console thing…

    Not flaming or anything, but the history of Sony and their kin lying to gamers are there!

    Look back at what motorstorm was supposed to look like and then look at the end product…and then the whole Killzone 2 thing… I was so psyked when I saw that trailer, I would have sold my lungs for it.. .and then the bomb dropped…

  • Evildoobiwan

    Killzone 2 will be great and I will enjoy playing it(isnt that what gaming is all about?).
    Everygame that is realeased these days does this, every single one, but why jump on Killzone? Cos you all just love attacking the ps3, weak, sad and pathetic!

  • Insanie

    Maybe it will be great – but why do they feel the need to lie about it?
    If it is a great game, its a great game – people will buy and play it. There is no need to lie about it, unless they trying to hide something, or create hype around it.
    And people are jumping on Killzone because they are blatantly lying to us about it – not once, but twice!

  • LazySAGamer

    @youknowwho, You will notice that I have actually posted quite a few happy PS3 stories recently. However being caught lying AGAIN deserves the negative attention.

    Do you also have the feeling that the PS3 revival is stuttering however? Where are all the big stories that I expected?

  • SlippyMadFrog


    “Killzone 2 will be great and I will enjoy playing it”
    C’mon man, havn’t you learn anything from the Lair release? We don’t know how KZ2 will be until you actually play it. This is typical fanboy behavior, Sony IS the best and Sony WILL win in 2008 and everything WILL be cool about everything. Even if it’s not, it stil IS in a fanboy’s eyes. @[email protected] -> brainwashed

  • doobiwan

    Killzone’s easy to bash, it does it all by itself. It’s the most overhyped “me too” generic sci-fi shooter on the planet, so desperate to be a “Halo Killer” it’s almost embarrassing. Especially when they have to resort to dirty tricks on almost every presentation they do.

    If it wasn’t a Sony FP title it’d be lumped in the same pile with Blacksite, Timeshift and every other generic mediocre FPS out there.

  • Abev

    While i cant say I agree with the new “EVIL”doobi, I gotta say Killzone is my most anticipated game, the second release “in game” footage really did match the orignal “lie”. Will it live up to the hype? Probably not 🙁
    But im still expecting great things from this game.
    One good point he raised was that everyone does this editing and that something consumer watch groups should be tackling!

  • boredhousewife

    Not everybody does it – I can remember 2K/Irrational releasing early builds of Bioshock that looked like a steaming pile of platypus crap – on XBL and the net. The point of the exercise for them was to show the gameplay innovations. Maybe if Guerilla worried less about how pretty the game looked and more about quality of play we would not see posts like this

  • Lydon

    Oh please saying the everyone does it is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Prove it.

  • doobiwan

    Remember the Halo beta vibes? Remember Cod4 “early 360 shots” versus “later PS3” shots.

    No, not everyone does it. In fact any developer worth their salt wouldn’t dream of doing it.

    But we know EA does 😉

  • baba

    Eurogamer has an interesting take on the touching-up of images:

  • Abev

    Good Find Baba!!

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