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Some sobering news for a Tuesday – R.I.P Gamerlobby

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I received my weekly Gamerlobby email this week but unfortunately this week it wasn’t the usual happy optimistic news that I am used to receiving.

According to the newsletter

“Gamerlobby has been going for a few good years now and has had some very successful tournaments and events which we’re very proud of. Myself and my team do what we do for gamerlobby because we love gaming, unfortunately push has come to shove and there is just no more time, or money left to keep it going 🙁 so it is with a very very heavy heart that we have to let it go…”

The guys at Gamerlobby have worked harder than most at trying to create a strong local gaming community and it’s very sad to see that all that work didn’t translate into a thriving community based website.

Apparently the site is available for someone to take over if you think you have the time and ability to continue it’s existence, all you need to do is drop Devon an email on devon@gamerlobby.net and give him your best sales pitch.

Though don’t panic this isn’t the last we have heard from Devon as he has now teamed up with 8BitBot to bring you a weekly podcast with people in the industry and for their next one they have signed up Stephen Viljoen from Slightly Mad Studios (Need for Speed Shift).

It’s sad to see a local site go down and we wish you all the best for your podcasting and day job moving forward. Hopefully we will see you back soon with another awesome idea.

Last Updated: January 26, 2010

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