Sony copying Microsoft?

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Lets get this out of the way first. Sony was the first company to allow their previous games to be downloaded however those were small PS1 games.

Microsoft upped the bar recently when they started letting people download original Xbox titles through their Live service and now it appears that Sony is planning on doing the same thing.

This is being reported on all around the Internet at the moment but the part that people seem to be missing is when the Director of PSN, Eric Lempet, was asked about it he didn’t say it was coming. He said

We haven’t talked about that yet, but there are possibilities through technology and software emulation to make that possible

So will we see downloadable PS2 games in the near future (this year)? I doubt it, will it arrive some time in the future, I can’t see how they won’t do it.


Last Updated: February 15, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • I really don’t see the problem with this, I wish there wasn’t his huge fear about it … oooh they copied me.. so what now the other party has the same great service, it’s what I the consumer would want I hate the fact that there are pro’s and cons to every system I buy, and ironically they’re on the opposite spectrum to eachother… why can’t we have it all?

  • Annoyed

    Sony copying Microsoft seems like a very unfair heading for this post. Surely with online content, this is the way of the future. PS2 will die very soon, so the next logical step in sales is make it online. I doubt they are “copying” Microsoft. Microsoft just made the service available of what was bound to happen on both platforms first.

  • LazySAGamer

    Which is why I put a question mark in the subject.

    They both copy each other all the time anyway 🙂 Keeps us entertained

  • doobiwan

    And how do they plan on doing it with no BC?

  • papa-action

    Thats a good question. One solution is to bundle an emulator with the download. The problem though is that the old BC solution also required some hardware components which have since been removed. Perhaps only certain PS2 games needed the features provided by the hardware components whereas others could run in a 100% software emulator??

  • Messiah

    I am sure if they are going to be selling PS2 games on the PSN it will work on consoles without BC. I can’t imagine them not getting that working.

  • Fox1

    It won’t work with the 40gb models. It says so on the 40gb box. NO BC!!! The PS3 lacks the Emotion Engine chip. The Cell of the past. They may get the games running but why then state no BC on the 40gb box. I doubt a piece of software can replace a piece of hardware with R2000.

    I guess SONY bit it’s own tail by leaving BC out.

    Well here’s my idea on hoe to get the PS2 games working on the PS3:
    SONY has to simply get their programmers to recode the PS2 games in the current language that the PS3 games uses.

  • doobiwan

    It’s not that easy Fox. For one the architectures are so radically different, it’d be like me asking you to translate Shakespeare in Cantonese word for word and keep the meaning 100% at the same time. Practically impossible.

    As far as a software emulator goes, they’d have to. Theoretically the PS3 should be able to do it, but it’s the same as the aforementioned problem.

  • Fox1

    @Doobiwan- lol

    BC, BC, where art thou BC???

  • Max0991

    The reason why they would add PS2 games to download on PSN is mainly there for the non bc consoles, the PS2 games will be modified to work with the PS3, in other words they will act as a PS3 game.Its not gonna be that successful in SA coz think how big the download will be and with our stupid caps.

  • doobiwan

    It doesn’t work like that Max. Yuo can’t just “flip a compile switch” and remake an old game for the PS3, firstly, technically, and secondly it does’t make financial sense.

  • Abe

    They did it with Tekken with good success!

  • Sony is a Fuck


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