Sony cuts sales targets of the PS3

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When Sony first stated that they would sell 11 million PS3’s by March 2008 everyone said they were out of their mind.

They continued insisting that they would make this target though and it seems that eventually the facts have sunk in. They are not going to make it.

They have now revised their sales forecast down to 9.5 million which is around 200 000 more than they have right now so I guess they should make it.

I have to say I am shocked that they got so close to the original target and it just goes to show that their confidence was not entirely misplaced.

If you take a look at the vgchartz sales figures above you will notice that the 360 is still winning in “Others” sales but the PS3 seems to be catching fast.

Sony cuts 07/08 PlayStation 3 sales target to 9.5 mln | Industries | Technology, Media & Telecommunications | Reuters

Last Updated: February 1, 2008

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