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Sony explains why it’s in 3rd place

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Sony’s PlayStation – as well as its successor were the dominant consoles of their time. the company’s black box of blu-ray hasn’t quite managed the penetration of its previous efforts; coming in at third place after Nintendo’s Wii and the Xbox 360.

Kotaku, rather bluntly, asked Sony’s marketing boss John Koller why.

"It’s a lot of factors," said Koller. "We’ve been pleased with overall sales. And also very pleased with just how well then consumers who have purchased PS3s have attached and buy software. We have a very profitable consumer. If you’re a retailer or anyone else that sells PS3s, you’re more than pleased with the PS3’s performance. We’ve been very pleased."

Of course, that’s just the sort of  PR-speak you’d expect from somebody in marketing – but Koller went on to give the reasons he believes Sony’s ended up with the bronze medal.

"Why we’re in third… you know, there’s a lot of things that happen in the market that cause sales to occur. I think we’ve been very staunch in our belief that there’s a certain value behind the PS3 and there’s certain kinds of games for the PS3 that have stood behind that. There’s no secret that we opened behind a high price point. And certainly others got a relatively nice head start on us because of that. That’s certainly been part of it," he said.

"But we absolutely have no regrets. This has been a very good cycle for us, and I think if you ask any publisher they’d say the same thing. It’s been good, and we think it does portend good things for the future for PlayStation."

I certainly believe that Microsoft’s current-gen headstart hasn’t helped Sony – and neither has the company’s initial arrogance and price-point with the platform. Ken Kutaragi’s infamous utterance of “You will need 2 jobs and work over time to afford the PS3” put many gamers off at a time when the Xbox 360 was much cheaper -  as did the company’s bizarre “this is living” marketing campaign. 

Sony has, however, managed to whittle the Xbox 360’s 7 million console sales lead down to just 2 – and could end up taking silver before this generation’s over.

Last Updated: June 12, 2012

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