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Sony going to repeat the PS2 success?

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 Joystiq have been playing around in their archives and have come up with the following quotes from an age old article…

  • “Whether or not Sony was sincere in its claim that a supply crisis led it to cut its initial shipments … there’s little question that the corporation was successful in the arena of hype marketing. Lines of obsessed PlayStation fans were a news staple …”
  • “Don’t get me wrong; it’s definitely the most powerful video-game machine on the planet right now. But that’s not enough. … There’s just not much software available that can take advantage of it.”
  • “Sony is also under the mistaken impression that including the ability to play … movies is a huge selling point. … I’d rather pay less and get a machine that just plays games instead.”

So which consoles are they talking about, the PS2 obviously. They then go on to use this as proof that we shouldn’t be writing the PS3 off yet…

I don’t think anyone is writing the PS3 off but this generation is very different to when the PS2 was released… Firstly the competition has more money than them and will not go bankrupt..

Wait do we even need more reasons than that? Unlike the Dreamcast (SEGA) the Xbox 360 has a multi billion (trillion) dollar business behind it which is willing to throw money at it for years to come… It’s part of a bigger picture.

So as warm and fuzzy these types of quotes may make Sony feel they need to get their heads out of the clouds and start delivering on the goods before they are left way way behind…

See I told you today is Bad Sony day 🙂

Last Updated: May 16, 2007

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