Sony has lost all of the PS2’s profits

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Gaming - Serious Business We all know that Sony has invested heavily in the development and early production of the PS3 but I was shocked to hear how much it has actually cost the company.

According to DFC Intelligence (a research firm) Sony has now piled more money into the PS3 than the PS2 brought in over it’s 5 year peak and the scary part is it is still rumoured to be losing money hand over fist.

You’re looking at losses of over $3 billion so far and until the software sales increase even more they will keep losing money.

Microosft hasn’t been immune to the cost of this generation especially with that $1 Billion right off over the unreliability of the console. However they have the money and they are working on a long term strategy here. Sony have a long term strategy but that strategy involves making as profit… and soon.

Nintendo on the other hand are making so much money it’s not even funny. The rumours are that they were making $40 per hardware unit at launch and that can only have increased so you do the maths.

There is a silver light for Sony though as DFC is predicting that the PS3 can easily last 10 years and will end up winning the software race. Nintendo looks untouchable on the hardware front though.

Source: 1UP

Last Updated: August 20, 2008

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