Sony hikes software prices to recoup losses

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In what could very quickly become a storm in a tea cup Michael Ephraim (SCEE boss) has come out and stated

as is well documented, PS3 has been a very expensive console to produce and sell. The losses are public knowledge. About six months into the year we realised we needed to increase our revenue on software to be honest. We’re still in line with third parties, and it was just a business decision regarding profitability.

So basically what the man is saying is that the first party Sony software used to be cheaper than third party software but due to the costs of the console (and that price drop) they had to increase the price of the games.

Now to be honest I don’t see it as a major issue and I expect the third party guys are happier now that Sony has to compete on an even playing ground as well.

Sony: Sony Recouping Hardware Losses Through Software Price-Hike

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Last Updated: February 5, 2008

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