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Sony launches MyPSN

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Those of you who check PlayStation.com will notice that Sony has updated it with new MyPSN features that allow you to track your friends’ online status, create a portable ID and take part in various events.

Your portable ID is pretty much the same as a gamercard and “contains your PSN avatar, Online ID, current mood, favourite console and more”, and can be embedded in forum sigs and the usual.

“Over time, the portable ID will evolve to include Trophies and achievements,” the MyPSN website adds, which would then make it exactly like a gamercard.

All you need to do to get yourself Playstation ID is head over to eu.playstation.com/psn to sign up, after which you can register your PS3, PS2 or PSP and set up preferences.

It holds a lot of similarities to  Xbox.com’s Live integration, which is no bad thing because that’s a good, solid service. The Microsoft site offers online friends list management and Achievement comparisons and now allows you to begin downloads from Xbox Live Marketplace remotely, even on premium content as well as send, receive and read messages.

One can’t blame Sony or say that they are copying Microsoft, because once again I’ll say these are core services that should have been there all along and at least Sony is keeping their end of the bargain with continued upgrades to the PSN service.

Last Updated: December 1, 2008

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