Sony looks back at the EyeToy, mocks the Kinect

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Sony has released a video detailing the history of the EyeToy which is pretty interesting in itself but what is more interesting really is the number of off handed comments they send over Microsoft’s way.

[pullquote]EyeToy helped us understand that while people definitely enjoy physical interaction and movement, they also want precise control and a simple, fast, reliable way to trigger actions.[/pullquote]I found it fun trying to pick out exactly how many digs Sony has at Microsoft in the one video which just happened to be released a day before the US Kinect launch.

Here are the ones I spotted

  • Perfect placement of the PS Kinetic game
  • Tons of gameplay footage of a Kinect Adventures style game
  • Buttons… always the buttons
  • Menu’s
  • Accuracy

Source: PS Blog

Last Updated: November 4, 2010

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