Sony may not rumble soon

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Well this rumble story just got interesting. We all know that Immersion and Sony recently kissed and made up which meant we are all now waiting for a rumbling SIXAXIS

Well this morning it is being reported that a third party may stop this from happening, the third party being Microsoft… It looks like Microsoft have pulled a brilliant sneaky underhanded (hell you choose) move here. When they settled the rumble lawsuit in 2003 they actually purchased some of Immersion at that time. Plus they added a few complications into the deals…

Basically Immersion would have to pay Microsoft every time they licensed their technologies and possibly have to ask for Microsofts permission. Do you expect Microsoft to grant permission to Sony to get the PS3 to rumble? Yeah me neither…

So this story may have some new legs after all….

Link to News: Immersion and Sony settling made MS angry –

Last Updated: June 19, 2007

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