Sony opening up the PSPGo to all comers

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One of the few exciting announcements to come out of GamesCom this year was the idea behind PSP Minis which are officially described as

“fun, affordable, creative, easy to play, and different”

They have been seen as a direct response to the plethora of games on the iPhone which has burst onto the handheld gaming market over the past couple of months.

However in a recently uncovered PSP Mini development document we find a distinct difference between the AppStore and future PSP Mini’s. Namely that there is no requirement for content approval in the publishing process and that the quality assurance process will be

“transparent, trackable and predictible”

In laymans terms it means that as long as the game is technically stable it will be listed on the store and can be purchased. I just hope they are integrating a good rating system into the store else you will inundated with complete crap, much like the current PC flash game market.

In other good news, the PSP development tool is now retailing for a very affordable €1200 which even gets me counting the beans to see if I can give it a crack.

All I need now is a good game idea… any ideas?

Source: Pocketgamer

Last Updated: August 25, 2009

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