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Sony patents some incredible biometric controllers

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Now this is the evolution I want to see in the next generation, granted it’s directly stolen from Nintendo’s vitality sensor but Sony look to have massively improved on it and are going to be using it in ways that Nintendo never imagined.

As you can see from the basic patent drawings that Siliconera found, the plan is to turn parts of a controller into a biometric scanner that can keep track of your stress levels, muscle spasms, blood pressure and pretty much anything else that can be figured out from your skin.

Some of the ideas that they’ve put forward for this technology are

  • Weapons that change depending on how stressed you are. An increase in stress level could make a weapon more accurate or less steady, which will make it difficult to target an enemy. Sony specifically mentions a sniper situation where the weapon becomes more steady if you’re relaxed.
  • Tensing up your muscles to withstand an attack or charge up a shield.
  • A video game character whose facial expressions, movements, posture, and even voice changes depending on your biometric data. For example, this character will sweat when a player is nervous.
  • An adrenaline style boost which will let you run faster, jump higher, and punch harder when stressed.
  • A health bar that depletes more rapidly if you have a high stress level.
  • An attack button that changes a character’s move depending if the player is stressed or relaxed.
  • Background music and scenery that changes depending on your stress level. Matching music is one example, but Sony also proposes to change music to make a player more relaxed. Brightness of objects and the zoom level, representing a higher level of focus, are two ideas for scenery.
  • A game that adapts difficulty levels depending on a players stress level.

All we need now is for the controller to also be built with a small needle that can be thrust into the palm of your hand and draws blood whenever you die… that will really help build the stress levels while fighting for your life.

Last Updated: November 3, 2011

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