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Sony PlayStation 4 vs .50 Cal

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PlayStation 4 dies

One of the weirdest things that people do when new technology comes out is that they destroy it in new and inventive ways. Normally this irritates me beyond belief as it just goes to show how absolutely wasteful we as a society have become.

Not that this is any different but man that second shot really brought out that primitive animal urge in me. kaboom.

Now it blows my mind that the first short did virtually no damage to the system and while my knowledge of guns is pretty limited I can only imagine this is because the bullet hit nothing of real substance while going through.

However that second bullet left us with no doubt as to who won this fight. Not to mention that I’m pretty impressed the guy can stand and fire a .50 cal without losing his balance. That’s one monster of a weapon.

Last Updated: November 15, 2013

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