Sony PS2 is only getting smaller

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Although Sony dropped PlayStation 2 support from its newest PlayStation 3 hardware revision, the company is far from giving up on the previous-generation system. In fact, Sony engineers apparently have made further improvements to the PS2 hardware, leading to a reduction of costs that will be passed on to the consumer.
UK trade publication MCV reports that the next hardware update to the PS2 will integrate the power supply inside the system. Current PS2 slim consoles achieve their form factor partly due to the use of an external power brick.
The integration of the power supply unit will allow Sony to cut costs and price the PS2 at $99 sometime in the New Year, according to the report. The PS2 slim currently retails for $129.
Sony released its most recent PS2 hardware in July, which reduced the console in weight from the previous version from 900 to 600 grams, and the system’s AC adapter fell from 350 to 250 grams. The upcoming version, however, may see a weight gain due to the addition of more internal hardware.
The move to a $99 price point will further open up the system to the mainstream market. While some analysts say that the PS2 is "on its way out of the industry for good," a report from Nielsen GamePlay Metrics finds that the PS2 is still home to a big share of gamers’ play time.

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Last Updated: November 7, 2007

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