Sony PS3 in dramatic sales turn around

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Here is some great news for Sony fans. is reporting this morning that the PS3 sales in the UK have had a dramatic turn around.

In August and September the PS3 was consistently outsold by the Wii and 360, however now that a new 299 Pound price tag has been slapped on the system it is finally starting to really shift units.

At the end of October the PS3 actually outsold the 360 in the UK by 10% and clobbered it with 50% higher sales in the rest of Europe… We know that Sony has consistently outsold the 360 in Japan and now unless Microsoft do something the same will happen in Europe.

Which would leave the 360 only with America, not such a bad beast to have in your pocket but it will still worry Microsoft if it starts losing out in Europe.

Has the PS3’s time arrive or is this just a spike which will be slapped down by yet another Xbox 360 price cut?

Sony PS3 in dramatic sales turn around – News –

Last Updated: November 5, 2007

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