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Sony says Crash Bandicoot still belongs to Activision. Again.

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For a while now, it seems like Sony’s been teasing a new Crash Bandicoot – or the resurrection of the wily, fox-like fellow at least. Sony’s Shawn Layden worse a Crash Bandicoot shirt at the PlayStation Experience in December last year

PlayStation Middle east also teased the fellow, asking where Crash is.



The most recent teases come in Naughty Dog’s latest release, which contains more than a few nods and homage’s to one of the company’s most famous creations. Interestingly, there doesn’t appear to be any hat-tipping to Activision, who owns the rights to the franchise, and has since 2008. It’s once again spurred on hopes that Sony – and Naughty Dog – might be bringing the Bandicoot back and that maybe, maybe Sony surreptitiously regained the rights to a guy who was once a Sony mascot.

Sony’s Adam Boyes has put paid to that, saying that the rights still belong to Activision.

While it’s possible that Boyes is doing his best to keep things quiet for an E3 reveal of a new Crash Bandicoot, I don’t want to remain too hopeful. Do we even want Crash Bandicoot back? Will that sort of relatively basic 3D platforming game work today? If it does happen, would you want a new Crash Bandicoot, or would you be content with the original, just prettied up?

Last Updated: May 10, 2016

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