Sony struggling to cut PS3 costs

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So with all the recent talk about Xbox 360 price cuts it isn’t suprising to hear the PS3 fans asking about any possible price cuts coming their way.

Well don’t hold your breath, earlier this year we reported on the fact that Sony was now aiming to make the PS3 division profitable and to no longer measure their success on purely outselling their competition and now it has been announced that Sony is struggling to cut the manufacturing costs of the PS3.

So far they have done well by dropping the estimated manufacturing costs from $800 to $400 but the cost of that Blu-Ray laser is making it impossible to drop the price any further.

And lets not forget that most of that $400 drop in manufacturing costs was down to physically removing hardware from the machine itself and unless the fans are going to be happy with a Blu-Ray less PS3 then don’t expect a PS3 price cut anytime soon.

Source: Gameshare

Last Updated: August 6, 2008

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