Sony takes Europe again

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So what is this the third or fourth week in a row that the PS3 has beaten the Xbox 360 in Europe? 

This sales spike seems to be lasting a decent amount of time and now with the run in to Christmas just around the corner Sony actually has a chance of keeping it’s lead.

It’s not a very big lead though,

Wii – 95,678
PS3 – 54,599
360 – 46,984

When you delve into the numbers even more you notice that Sony only managed to take Europe this week because of two countries in particular..

In Spain and Italy the PS3 outsold the 360 by a combined 11,500 units. Seeing that they only beat the 360 by 8000 units in total you can see how important those two countries were to Sony this week.

However a win is a win and as long as the COD4 delay doesn’t affect the PS3 to badly in the next two weeks I could see them holding out for a Christmas win.

Another interesting thing to notice is that under the Other section the 360 actually outsold the PS3. The Other section includes us 😉

Video Game Chartz – Nintendo – Sony – Microsoft – European Weekly Chart

Last Updated: November 6, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Brad

    I’m not having a go but I will say this…”Sony takes Europe again”..I’m giving the Wii some due credit on this article. The Wii took Europe!

    Wii – 95,678
    PS3 – 54,599
    360 – 46,984

    Credit to Nintendo for getting Sony and Microsoft to bend over every month while they issue a good firm slap on the bottom while whispering seductively in their ears.. “Who’s your Daddy?”…and…”could do better next time son”

  • LazySAGamer

    Yeah sorry I don’t normally talk about the Wii… bad habit I got into since nothing has beaten it since it got released…

    I should have said at the top that the Wii once again beat everything 😉

  • Brad

    Lol. I understand.
    Sometimes being a Wii fan, yes a Wii fan, people with Xbox’s and PS’s seem to look at me like I’m a freak, a pretend gamer, a kiddy gamer, not part of the club gamer.

    Back in the day my aging PC graphics card zapped what remained of my lowly frame rate and desire for gaming so I’m very grateful for the Wii. Like Viagra, The Wii has rejuvenated my inner gaming libido.

    So when are we going to read the review on Super Mario Galaxy? Can’t wait! I was going to get the Simpsons game but heard it got average reviews.

  • Burns ZA

    Good to hear Brad! The wii has resurrected many an old skool gamer!
    Yeah, congrats to Nintendo again! It’s been handing out smack downs since release. A fad, well, as much as cellphones are a fad, IMO.
    Almost 100k of consoles sold. Wow. I am so glad that Nintendo have bounced back after the last generation when Sony monopolised it.

  • Banana hammock

    Hey, i have a PS3 and i don’t think you’re a freak. In fact i’m thinking of getting my wife a Wii (she asked for one really).

    It’s great Nintendo are back and i hope they keep the pressure up on MS and Sony, it can only be good for the rest of us.

  • The PS3 is great I am seriously gona buy myself one of these.

    Ron reviewss last blog post..Star Wars games PC Mac

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