Sony to Europe – Suck it up

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Sony seem to be on a mission to completely destroy the one market where the PS3 is really doing well.

For some reason Europe (and us as we fall under them) has decided to forgive Sony for the 6 month delay enforced upon them, they then  went further and forgave them for not giving them the Emotion Chip like the US and Japan got.

Then being the kind hearted folks they are they decided to forgive Sony for the huge markup the PAL versions of the PS3 have.

Ever after all of that Europe has still been lapping up the PS3’s so you would think that after seeing this Sony would have started to think that maybe it should take more care in Europe.

Hell no, now David Reeves who is the Sony Entertainment President for Europe has come out and said that Europe is not getting the 80Gb harddrive. That would be fine enough but he obviously doesn’t know when to stop.

He goes on to say that Korea received the hard drive because of “very high broadband penetration and the people there are used to downloading content, so they require a certain size hard drive”. So Europeans don’t know how to download and have a bad broadband penetration then?

What about the 250,000 units you sold in the UK which has a fantastic broadband penetration level then David?

He then goes on to say that he doesn’t feel Sony is competing with Xbox Live since Sony is in a “different stadium” and that it doesn’t have “eyes on the competition in any way”.

You know what, I can actually believe that since they are obviously running blind by the look of things. Twit.

Via: Engadget and PS3Fanboy

Last Updated: June 12, 2007

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