Sony to release an external processor for the PS3 instead of a PS4?

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I’m going to chalk this one up to a technically possible idea but massively bad move if they really do it.

According to a patent granted to Sony, instead of releasing a PS4 in the next few years they could rather release an accessory that would boost the power of the PS3 allowing it to play next-next-gen games without the need to replace the entire console.

The idea sounds pretty good at first but the problem is if Sony did something like this they would immediately be segmenting the market and you would no longer be able to play any PS3 game on your PS3 and the developers would be very hesitant to utilise it fully.

Can you imaging the developer kick off meetings,

Cecil – “So Fred we are going to make Uncharted 15 now, should we target the PS3 or the PS3.5?”

Fred – “I dunno Cecil there are around 50 million PS3’s in the world and about 4 million have the new power processor”

Cecil – “Yeah so if we go for the PS3.5 our market is effectively 4 million people or we can just stick with the PS3 and target 50 million”

Fred – “Yeah… not much of a choice is it”

Source: Playstation Lifestyle

Last Updated: December 10, 2010

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