[RUMOUR] Sony to take Rockstar “under their wings”

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Reports are coming out from Playstation Universe that at a dinner in Westwood, California for developers and journalists, word was given that Sony is looking to take Rockstar “under their wings”. 

This is NOT confirmed as yet but judging by the amount of rumours that’ve been flying around lately about these two companies, it wouldn’t be surprising if they do team up.

For all the GTA IV lovers wondering how this will effect everything, well it won’t affect GTA at all.

The article states that LA Noire is most probably going to be an exclusive for the PS3 and we also know of another Rockstar game that will be developed ONLY for Sony, I haven’t seen very many details on that one.

Don’t take this as gospel, like I said it still needs to be confirmed but it’s still pretty interesting nonetheless.

EDIT. It didn’t take very long for another article to come out “calling BS” on this story. Read the full story here.

I’ll condense the 3 reasons that they state as to why this partnership won’t happen:

  • Why would Take Two sell it’s most successful department?
  • Sony Inc. is not profitable yet so splashing out a huge amount on RS doesn’t make sense.
  • RS will lose a pretty big chunk of the market if it forfeits multi-platform development.

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Last Updated: August 9, 2007

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