Sony’s big 12 Leipzig Announcements

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Leipzig games Convention

Sony made 12 major announcements at Leipzig this year and 3 of them were about SingStar.

1. PSP 3000
2. 160GB PS3
3. Little Big Planet Dated For Europe
4. SingStar With Disney
5. EyePet
6. Keypad for controller
7. Heavy Rain Dated
8. Future Firmware Release to rip SingStar PS2 collection and upload them on PS3 version
9. 3 new massively multiplayer online games. Partnership with SOE.
10. VidZone
11. Play TV dated
12. SingStar Vol. 3

From my perspective I don’t see much to get excited about apart from the fact that LBP is coming, Heavy Rain gets dated (next year) and an intrigue into the MMO games.

I don’t like SingStar and I have already made my feelings clear about the 160GB SKU and keypad.

The huge gorilla that is missing from Leipzig is Home, why nothing on Home yet?

Source: TalkPlaystation

Last Updated: August 22, 2008

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