Sony's "Big Bang" PS3 announcement on the 12th is…

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Nothing… After confirming a “Big Bang” announcement for the 12th of October, Sony is now coming out and saying that nothing is going to be announced on the 12th?

Do you think the announcement has been delayed due to technical difficulties, or does that excuse not cut it this time? 

Am I also the only one who is just slightly confused about the PS3’s ever changing hard drive size? Do they just have a pile of old hard drives and as they run out of one size they ‘announce’ a new PS3 model and slap in whatever else they have?

Sony Europe denies “Big Bang” PS3 announcement on the 12th – Engadget

[Update] Sony has changed their mind. They do have a big announcement again and they will tell us all about it tomorrow. Engadget and most other sites believe this is the announcement

The 40GB PS3 is expected to feature WiFi, Blu-ray, and SIXAXIS controller but will lose 2x USB slots, the memory card reader, and backward compatibility chip

Last Updated: October 4, 2007

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