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Sony’s cracking down on PS5 owners who exploit the PS Plus Collection

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Sony may not have a pound for pound rival to Xbox Game Pass, but it’s PS Plus Collection is a step in the right direction if you’re a fan of a digital games and having a fist tight enough to compress coal into diamonds. The idea isn’t too bad: Grab a PS Plus subscription, gain access to a selection of first-party PlayStation 4 games and a few third-party gems. Thanks to PS Plus, I now finally have access to Persona 5, which allows me to uphold the pact I made with Alessandro.


Like all good things, the service has of course been exploited. Metaphorical light bulbs lit up above the heads for some PS5 owners, who have started selling access to their account. Sony has caught wind of this though, started investigating, and also started swinging the ban hammer at people who have essentially been offering an el cheapo tour of its gaming vault according to Gamer Braves.

“When you have more than 50 different accounts logged on to a console and make purchases at the PS Store in another region, the system will detect and determine that it has been hacked,” Sony said.

The account will be banned for two months, while the console will be banned permanently. Currently, it is being negotiated in the customer service if there is any change in the situation, but the joint purchase is really violating the rules and regulations, and there was a mechanism to protect the hacked account from further abuse.

While there is a way for one account to be split across two consoles with a friend, doing so with a few dozen people probably isn’t a good idea when you consider that our species as a whole has a bad habit of being kind of crap to one another. Anyway, don’t do the Sony crime if you can’t handle the Sony time.

Last Updated: November 27, 2020

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