Sony’s stock price recovers after keynote

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It’s not secret that Sony has been having a pretty hard time on the stock markets of late and with each passing quarter they have been losing more and more money so don’t underestimate the importance of their E3 show.

We all know that Sony is a much larger beast than its PlayStation division but at the same time PlayStation is a big deal for Sony and therefore its E3 keynote was a very important event for investors and analysts.

It’s the time that Sony lays out its plans for the near future and it looks like the investors liked what they saw as Sony’s stocks immediately rebounded as soon as the markets opened after the keynote.

This is a big deal as the stock was sitting at its lowest point since 1984 and had been constantly falling for the past few weeks so a rebound of a full dollar in one day is massive and shows that investors and analysts liked what they saw from Sony.

Hopefully Microsoft takes note and realises that new IP’s and great games is a sure fire way to please not only your target audience but also the financial markets you are so enamoured with.

Last Updated: June 7, 2012

Gavin Mannion

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