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Sorry, how many people have played Call of Duty?

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While many of you question the franchises enduring quality, there’s no questioning that Call of Duty is one of – if not the biggest gaming franchise on the planet. Just how big is it though? According to Activision, very – and they’ve released a handy infographic detailing just how huge the shooter behemoth is.

And it’s big. According to Activision, more than a hundred million people have pew-pewed other people in the face; more than the populations of some of the world’s most populated countries. all of that equates to over 32 quadrillion digital shells spent.


The number of care packages called in – just since their inception in Modern Warfare 2 – would be enough to build 100 of the alright walls of China.


Further to that – and this is actually a teeny, tiny bit depressing – is that the total number of hours people have played Call of Duty, all put together, is longer than all of human history.


Now you can moan about Call of Duty and copy and paste all you like – but there’s obviously something to it. And you can;t really blame COD for ruining games and the industry – that finger really should be pointed at lazy developers and publishers trying to do a “me too!” to capitalise on the franchise’s popularity.

The next Call of Duty, Ghosts, is coming to current and next-gen consoles along with the PC – and will release in November this year.

Last Updated: August 14, 2013

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