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South African Console Sales Stats Revealed – Winners and Losers

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Local gaming site xboxgaming has managed to get some figures for the sales of consoles in SA and the results are interesting to say the very least.

We obviously have three different categories to look at, which come in the form of last-gen, current-gen and then handhelds. Can you guess who is kicking some major ass? Well, you probably could if you thought about it hard enough.

Check out the list of sales figures for all consoles after the jump.

Ok so here are the stats:

PS2 – 810 000 units (63%)

PSP – 152,000 units (12%)

Xbox 360 – 102,000 (8%)

Nintendo Wii – 92,000 (7%)

Playstation 3 – 74,000 (6%)

Nintendo DS – 48,000 (4%)

So from the looks of things the PS2 is still the reigning king in South Africa and it’s no surprise as it still sells decently and has a ton of games for those who still have one.

The Xbox 360 is currently dominating the SA current-gen market and it’s a little surprising to see it higher than the Wii, even if the Wii did have a ludicrous price tag. The PS3 seems to be catching up but still has some work to do.

As far as handhelds are concerned it was quite surprising to see the amount of PSP’s sold, although it has been out for quite a while but still interesting considering that the DS has such low sales when compared.

According to the source article, these stats are up till August and the Playstation 2 stats might not be entirely accurate due to sales going so far back.

Now that you have seen the statistics for yourself, what do you think?

Source: XboxGaming

Last Updated: October 21, 2009

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