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Speed Will Be Needed On Wednesday – Hot Pursuit Demo This Week!

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Have you been itching to get your hands on the new Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit from Criterion? Since the moment that I saw the first few seconds of the reveal trailer in the EA media briefing in Los Angeles back in June, I have been counting the days.

EA has now announced that a NFS: HP demo will be available for download on PSN and Xbox 360 this week on Wednesday 26 October. Seeing as pretty much every attempt of mine to get some hands on time with the game (thanks again EA for snatching the controller out of my hands at E3 because it was nearly closing time) has been foiled, I am really looking forward to finally giving it a go.

So what all will be included in the demo besides cars and tarmac? This isn’t an ordinary demo.

The demo has a few features built into it that makes it a little different to most demos. The demo will include the game’s new online social feature, Autolog. The demo is said to “end” on November 9, which VG247 has said that they are “guessing that’ll be when the Autolog features get pulled” although we don’t yet know if that’s the truth or if the demo itself will cease to work at all.

Also, by inviting another player using Autolog, you will get access to a second track. So, like… do that – and don’t feel ashamed, they would have done the same to you.

Hot Pursuit will hit South African shelves on Friday 19 November and will release Tuesday 16 November in the US.

Source: VG247

Last Updated: October 26, 2010

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  1. Must have game for arcade racer fans like me ,no demo needed.


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