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Spider-Man is coming at ya in this AMAZING new collectible!

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I may be the biggest Batman fan around (Well second, if you count Two-Ton Tony over in Boksburg), but I’ve got a lot of appreciation for the friendly neighbourhood wall-crawler known as the Amazing Spider-Man. Incredibly crappy movies aside, he’s one of the all-time great heroes with a great selection of powers, style and personality. And his latest collectible is going to get to get web-fluid all over your face. At least, I hope that’s web fluid.

Sideshow has one hell of a Spider-Man coming to shelves. As part of the Marvel Premium Format Collection, this Spider-Man is nothing short of spectacular. They’ve got Peter Parker captured in action as he shoots a web, bouncing of what appears to be some debris lodged in radioactive dinosaur crap. Or a slow motion explosion from a Green Goblin pumpkin bomb. I sometimes get the two mixed up.

It’s also a bloody massive replica. The figure is over 25” tall (63.5cm), and weighs in at just over 9kg, or 20 pounds. That’ll be a workout of note. It will of course, have an even heavier price attached to it: $469.99. Which means you might have to cut back on refilling those web cartridges. AMAZING!

Last Updated: May 21, 2015

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