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The Splasher is a fast-paced platformer with a little bit of Portal 2 DNA

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When you think of fast-paced platforming, there’s no better example than the 2D hit, Super Meat Boy. Twitchy, fast and unrelentingly difficult, the little cube of meat became an endearing icon for a resurgence in platforming titles, supplemented by the slower (but just as intricate) Rayman titles that came afterwards. Those two breathe life into platforming through design alone, but always kept things simple enough to understand at a glance. So one would think an addition of, say, Portal 2 elements would mix things up a little too much.

The Splasher is here to tell you that you’re wrong, as it looks to effortlessly combine some of the best elements from Portal 2 and Super Meat Boy. Instead of the more traditional Portal Gun, The Splasher instead uses the newer paint elements that the puzzle title introduced in its sequel. You’ll play as probably the worst employee a certain factory could’ve hired, who uses a paint gun to cover his surrounding with an assortment of different paints – all with different properties.

Red paint, for example, is stickier that Spider-Man’s best web, while Orange will bounce you around faster than that time you though you were an Olympic gymnast on your backyard trampoline. Those are just a handful of abilities, each of which you’ll need to use in conjunction with blisteringly fast platforming through incredibly dangerous levels. Buzz saws, lasers and projectiles pepper the game at all times, adding an element of anxiety that I last felt actually playing Super Meat Boy.

The Splasher is aiming to launch on February 7th next year on PC, Mac, Xbox One and PS4 for as little as $15, and it looks like the perfect distraction from the deluge of open-world AAA titles that have been beating down the doors over the past few month. Even if it’s just to scream in frustration at my monitor, only to pick up the controller for one more round. Again and again.

Last Updated: December 12, 2016

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