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Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher is coming back…to Ghost Recon Breakpoint next week

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Next week’s big update for Ghost Recon Breakpoint is…well…big! Big with a capital B-I-G! Fans have been asking Ubisoft to retool the game into something more akin to the brutal wilderness survival experience that they were promised when Jon Bernthal and his adorable doggo spoke about the sequel to Ghost Recon Wildlands, and that’s exactly what they’re going to get come March 24 when Big Patch Energy comes knocking on their download door.

But here’s the twist and one that needs to be delivered in a Billy Mays voice and level of enthusiasm: THAT’S NOT ALL!

Ubisoft have also revealed that Year Two will kick off with the return of Splinter Cell’s favourite operative, Sam Fisher. He’ll be joining the soldiers on the ground, to fight back against Not-The-Punisher, his mobs of cannon fodder goons and possibly the Terminator. What a time to be alive. Here’s the original tweet, which features the planet-shaking vocals of Ubisoft’s best Fisherman and almighty Darkseid himself, Michael Ironside, once again voicing the character as he details drones and Terminators on Auroa:

Ubisoft isn’t offering anything more than “stay tuned for more intel” message, but there’s only four days to go so it’s not too much of a wait. For fans of Splinter Cell, this may just be an excruciating reminder that Ubisoft is so far content to not revive the franchise and rather stick Fisher within their other games as the king of crossovers.

The last time he was seen in active duty, it was during Ghsot Recon Wildlands where he provided backup to your Ghost soldier. Beyond that, Fisher hasn’t had a starring role since 2013’s Blacklist game on the old generation of consoles.

Last Updated: March 20, 2020

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