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Square Enix is suing Valve over Deus Ex leak

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Or maybe in light I should have headlined this story better. Because apparently our headlines are misleading and we don’t give the entire story out in one line which can be distressing at times or downright hurtful.

So what should I headline this then?

How about “Square Enix is suing Valve because someone fraudulently downloaded Deus Ex from their system and now while Valve wants to help they are bound by their own privacy policy and need a court order to tell Square Enix who it was who downloaded it”

Hmm it doesn’t quite roll of the tongue as well but at least it’s not misleading.. right?

Grumpiness aside on this fine Friday morning, Square Enix’s upcoming title Deus Ex was sent out to reviewers via a Steam download. We don’t get a copy because they don’t trust us emerging markets yet… yes the irony is awesome.

Anyway an Italian gaming company had their Steam details hijacked and someone was able to use them to download the full game and stick it onto torrents. Now Valve know which machine downloaded the game and what the IP address is which means that Square Enix can send around some heavies to break their knee caps.

But unfortunately Valve is bound by it’s own privacy policy so Square Enix are being forced to go to court to get an injunction to force Valve to release the info they have and then some little Italian is going to be in a might bit of trouble.

It’s all a little odd and I think we can safely say that there is only one person out there who is hoping above all hope that the court denies Square Enix’s request.

Source: TheEscapist

Last Updated: July 8, 2011

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