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Star Citizen is the most crowdfunded game in history

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We can debate for weeks on just how much money a game should or deserve to have, but one thing is for certain: It needs to have some cash. Upcoming space combat and exploration game Star Citizen happens to be swimming in cash right now. And it’s just passed another milestone.

Chris “Wing Commander” Roberts is now in charge of the most crowdfunded game ever. At the beginning of August, Star Citizen had reached $15 million in funding, but it now has a grand total as of the time of writing, of $17,077,414.

So what does that mean exactly? Well because the game now has some extra cash, they’ll be funneling it into giving backers an engine modifier ship upgrade, as well as the Battlecruiser ship class according to Gamespot. And if funding breaks through the $18 million mark, they’ll get an entire and exclusive star system to play around in.

I’m looking forward to the game arriving next year. It’s the best of of all the space games made under him, according to Roberts, plus it’s going to have Oculus Rift support. Which means that I’ll need to get a proper gaming PC soon.

Last Updated: September 2, 2013

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