Star Citizen: Space’s most popular ship

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I love how Star Citizen’s fleets of ships are being introduced; through a series of in-game commercials, where buying the latest in inter-stellar travel in the future is akin to buying a car today. Only with less chance of people at traffic lights squirting dirty, watered-down Sunlight soap all over your windscreen. And this, the 2944 Aurora is space’s most popular spaceship – and it comes with a ton of options. Including, quite probably, leather seats.

“For 2944 we are proud to introduce an all new model, the Legionnaire; Built for combat, designed for efficiency,” says Roberts Space Industries. “The Aurora has graced Ship and Pilot’s prestigious top ten list for a record breaking 63 years.”

Star Citizen is the most crowd-funded game in the history of game crowd-funding, and has reeled in $22 million of your money already. If everything goes to plan, we’ll be playing the game as early as next year..even though we still don’t really know what we’ll be doing in said game. We do, however, know that it has some pretty nice ships.

Last Updated: October 14, 2013