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Star Citizen’s latest $675 spaceship was revealed at a $275 dinner

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Far be it for me to tell anyone what to do with their money, what with my shelf currently being filled with eerily realistic Batmen dolls whose dead eyes long for the sweet release of death, but I just don’t feel that Star Citizen is worth the investment. Sure, there’s the base game price and there’s a suite of what appears to be modular content that kind of works right now, but what do you really have to show for your injection of cash into this pipe dream experience?

For many people who had hope for the future when Star Citizen first began crowdfunding itself so many years ago, they’ve been burned, taken their losses on the chin and walked away. For a select few members of the Star Citizen community, there’s a hope that tomorrow will come sooner if they throw more money at Roberts Space Industries and the various digital offerings that the game project funds itself with.

Here’s one example of another funding drive that was held recently. Over in the land of Gamescom last week, the Star Citizen crew invited some of their most loyal backers to join them for an intimate dinner in Frankfurt, where SC big cheese Chris Roberts would be present for some QnA. The catch? This event was only open to Concierge members of Star Citizen, people who had spent at least $1000 on the game. The seats, or flat pieces of wood that their butts were crammed on top of in sardine fashion, cost $275 each.

But the real stinger of this dinner party? That it was all designed to announce a new ship. A $675 vessel called the Aegis Solstice Nautilus Limited Edition Warbond. Designed to be an eight-person ship that can lay mines, there just happen to be a few snags with its reveal:

  • The ship is purely in the concept phase at this stage
  • There are no mine-laying mechanics in Star Citizen yet
  • Crews of the size needed to operate a ship such as this, aren’t in the game yet

On the plus side, you get lifetime insurance, which should come in handy when Star Citizen eventually releases in a proper state. If it ever does that is, as the current timeline for the Squadron 42 single-player content is earmarked for a launch in 2020.

Last Updated: August 27, 2019

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