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Star in a reasonably priced Warthog

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Who doesn’t love Top Gear? Its the most popular motoring show in the world, is globally syndicated, and would make even the most mental of environmentalists love cars again. With Top Gear being plastered all over the upcoming Forza 4, its safe to say that this endorsement is going to help move tons of copies of the upcoming game, especially with the Autovista mode featuring none other than Jeremy Clarkson himself, as he uses his trademark wit and sarcasm to describe the vehicles that are being rendered before you.

Especially that lovely Warthog all terrain vehicle from the upcoming Halo 4. Wait, what?

Clarkson obviously has no experience with the Halo universe, but that doesn’t stop him from accurately describing the massive Covenant squisher. As he wryly describes the features present, you’ll wish that the Forza team could have made a driveable version of the Warthog, but sadly, its only available to view in the Autovista mode.


Forza 4 ships out in October this year for the Xbox 360.

Last Updated: August 31, 2011

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