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Star Wars Battlefront is a reboot that ‘breathes DICE’

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There’s a lot of love out there for the Battlefront series of games. For fans, Battlefront uno and dos were games that allowed console owners to finally drop into the kind of large-scale combat that PC gamers had been enjoying for years. That makes for one hell of a nostalgic field trip down memory lane, and has already set a high bar for the upcoming EA and DICE-developed Battlefront game. A game which is being tackled as a complete reboot.

In the latest issue of OPM, DICE’s GM Patrick Bach explained that the studio decided to approach Battlefront as the kind of game that gave them a clean slate from which to work from. In other words, a reboot:

I think what we did was instead of trying to build upon the old games, we went back and said let’s start over. Let’s analyse the good and the bad, like we did with old games, but it’s more about going back to the core idea that Battlefront stands for, and then building on that. Because otherwise you will create a version of somebody else’s game, and that’s not what we do!

According to Bach, that also meant that Battlefront would be designed to be instantly recognisable as a DICE game first, and a licensed game second. “We build our own games, we build something that breathes ‘DICE’,” Bach said.

We wanted to take a fresh stance on the concept of Battlefront, rather than saying ‘let’s take that feature and call it the same thing’, or ‘let’s remove that feature’. It will just get messy. So you have to see it as a reboot.

Sounds…impressive. Most impressive. There’s been a lot said about the game so far. Some folks are scared that the end result could be hacked and slashed to DLC ribbons as a typical EA game. Other folks, just want to play a Star Wars game that doesn’t only look good, but actually happens to be decent as well. I’d push Geoff into the desert bunghole known as the Sarlacc Pit for a decent Star Wars game.

Last Updated: May 25, 2015

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