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Starcraft 2 Bug Is Melting Graphics Cards – Here's The Fix

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That isn’t a sensationalist headline, Starcraft 2 is, in its current state, capable of making your graphics card overheat and turn itself into a very expensive soup.

Starcraft 2 developers Blizzard seemed to have somehow overlooked a tiny detail in their code, and the results can be, well… expensive. The issue is pretty simple in that Blizzard somehow forgot to limit the games framerate when you are in the menus.

What this essentially means is that while you are playing the game, the graphics card is keeping up with what it needs to do and that’s fine. However, when you are in the menus it only has to render some simple graphics and the lack of a framerate limiter means that the graphics card starts pumping out some ludicrously high amounts of frames to its best ability, eventually causing the poor thing to commit suicide for no reason.

Until it is patched, you can sort it out with a simple temporary fix, here’s how you do it.

[Thanks to Poddle for pointing this out]

Ok, here’s what you need to do:

  • For PC, navigate to your Documents\StarCraft II\Variables.txt
  • For Mac, navigate to your home folder \Documents\Blizzard\StarCraft II\Variables.txt
  • Open the file with a text editor (notepad for PC or TextEdit on Mac are fine)  
  • Ok, now add these two lines into the file:


  • Hit Save, and you are good to go.

Ok, that’s all folks, do this and you should be owning noobs with your l33t build orders in no time, fire free.

Last Updated: August 3, 2010

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