Starcraft 2 Competition – Winner Announced and Best Bar Jokes

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Happy Starcraft 2 day folks.

We had a lot of great entries for our Starcraft 2 competition, and anyone who entered was eligible to win an awesome Starcraft 2 hamper. In case you don’t remember how everything works, here is the low down.

You were entered into the draw by simply mailing your details in. We also added the “two zerg walk into a bar…” joke competition for extra points. Anyone who gave in a joke related to Starcraft got extra points for their entry, if yours was among the funniest entries, you got even more points for your entry.

We broke out the official Lazygamer Randomizerer, punched in all the entries and then added all of the extra entry goodness for all those with uBer L33t jokes, and let rip.

Hit the jump to find out if you were the winner, as well as check out some of the funnier jokes that were submitted.

And the winner is:

Trevor Pirie

Congratulations to you Trevor, we have your details and will be sending your Starcraft 2 hamper to you soon!

Here are a handful of some of the interesting jokes submitted, we will start with Trevors:

Two Zerg walk into a bar… Rush Limbaugh unknowingly walks up to them and says “What are you supposed to be?” The one Zerg replies “Zerg Rush!” – Trevor P

Two Zerg walk into a bar… and the bartender drops from the game. He later messages the Zerg player about some net split issue and how he would have PWND him. Honest, the bartender is that good a player. – Yunus N

Two Zerg walk into a bar, followed by another 4 billion. Typical. – Michael M

Two Zerg walk into a bar…. they ask for 2 double brandies for take away, bartender asks, ‘Whats the rush?’ – Christo L

Two Zerg walk into a bar… get drunk, and have crazy zerg s#x… no punchline here. Just wanted to give you that visual. Messy. – Victor G

Two Zerg walk into a bar. “Great news,” one says, “we’ve developed a new breed that cripples Terrans through sound,” “What do you call it?” The other Zerg replies. “A Vuvuzuela.” – Danny D

So Two zerg walk into a bar, and the barzerg hands them each a drink, one is a beer and the other is a fruity girly drink. The one who got the girly drink says: “Hey …. I didn’t want this”, and the barzerg says “Hivemind buddy …. I *know* that’s how you roll” – Marc L

Big thanks again to Megarom for supplying us with the Starcraft 2 hamper.

Last Updated: July 27, 2010

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