Starcraft 2 showdown for Bitcoin prize

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Scarlett naniwa

We’ve seen some impressive prize pools in eSports this year. All in all, it’s been a good year to be a pro-athlete in eSports. Usually, the biggest money can be found in the MOBA, but now it looks like better people are looking at Starcraft, and using their weird betting currency.

I will confess, I don’t understand the allure of Bitcoins. I know all currency is only as valuable as people believe it to be, and exchange rates will always fluctuate, and all that economic mumbo jumbo. However, the Bitcoin truly seems like vaporware to me – but maybe it’s just because it isn’t tied to any country’s (or company’s or organization’s) economy/value. In any event, Bitcoins are all the rage at the moment, currently valued at about $700 per Bitcoin although it has been as high as $1000 in the past couple weeks. Now its proponents are sponsoring a Starcraft tournament.

On 21 December, Canadian Zerg pro Scarlett will go up against Swedish Protoss pro NaNiwa. The prize: 12 Bitcoin. That’s right. At current exchange rate that’s about $8 400, but it could go up as high as $12-15k. Not too shabby.

The match will be played on 21 December at 12 EST (6pm local time) in a best of 7 match up. The map pool is to be decided, and TotalBiscuit is looking for some foreign language casters, for those of you who want to show off those skills. It looks to be an interesting match up as these rivals haven’t played each other in competition in Heart of the Swarm, yet constantly use each other as a benchmark during international competitions.

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For those who want to watch, here is TotalBiscuit’s stream so you can tune in on the 21st:

Watch live video from Totalbiscuit on

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Last Updated: December 17, 2013

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