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Strangest sex game ever?

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There aren’t many video games that revolve around sex, no matter what Fox News tries to tell you, and the ones that do exist are normally useless as they’ve been created with virtually no budget and a miniscule market.

So when a game comes along that fits that bill exactly why are we posting it up? Well simply because it’s just so incredibly weird.

The plot of the game is that your grandma tells you that you need to sleep with as many people as possible before getting married and settling down.

So you head out into a maze and pretty much hump everything you can in weird and whacky ways until you’re run out of men or time.

It really is a little ludicrous but I was forced into watching the video, by my own stupid curiosity, and now you are as well.

It’s obviously maybe not safe for work but the graphics are exceptionally rudimentary so you’re not likely to get fired over it.

Also the fact that this game is named after the Australian bakkie/truck makes me laugh just a little.

Last Updated: September 16, 2011

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