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Street Fighter X Tekken’s audio issues are a netcode problem

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If you’re a fight fan picking up the Capcom/Namco crossover Street Fighter x Tekken today, you’re probably keen to take it online as soon as possible. With arcades dead, that’s probably the best way to experience fighting games today.

You could be in for disappointment,  when you discover your online matches might not have sound.

“We are aware of the sound issues that occur when playing matches online,” assistant producer Tomoaki Ayano wrote on Capcom Unity.

“The new netcode implemented in Street Fighter X Tekken allows for up to 4 players to have a smooth online experience, however depending on the connection stability between players, things like ‘spontaneous match rollback’, ‘voice effects cutting out’, and ‘sound effects cutting out’ also are occurring.”

He said that SFxT uses a wholly new bit of netcode, and that street fighter IV’s code wasn;t good enough to supports the amount of data necessary.

“In order to completely fix all the sound issues, the smoothness of the online gameplay has to be traded off, so it is a very complicated and difficult balancing act. We would like everyone to know that the development team is currently looking at various ways to improve the sound issues,” he said, promising further updates when possible.

I’m a huge fan of fighting games – but almost every bit of news about this game (other than its rather high review scores) are souring my expectations. Makes little sense though; Marvel vs Capcom runs just fine online, and that has tag partners and crazy amounts of stuff happening all the time.

Are you still picking up Street Fighter X Tekken?

Last Updated: March 9, 2012

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