Studio closures might actually be a good thing according to Epic's Gamble

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Speaking to Eurogamer while at London University during classes for the Unreal engine, Epic Games’ European boss Mike Gamble commented on how recent studio closures might turn out to benefit the gaming industry.

Using the recent closure of racing game studio Black Rock by Disney Interactive, Gamble went into more detail;

“It’s happened because of stupid acquisitions. This is a personal view. In my person opinion, yeah, there have been acquisitions by publishers of developers they really had no right,well they had a right because they had the money, but what was the point of a well-known children’s IP holder buying a hardcore racing studio? It doesn’t make sense.”

“A lot of the pain we’ve had in the last 18 months has been down to the economics of games development, which has changed. Big publishers have had to pull back in money wise and the casualties of that are the studios that haven’t performed for them because the industry has changed.”

But as is the case with most studios closing down, new ones will always be created, combining a similar staff and a new vision, something that clearly excites Gamble.

“The games I’m seeing from indies and small developers are brilliant. I love it. Really interesting and creative. They’re not ticking boxes for publishers that say, we’ve got this gap in the portfolio, and there’s this demographic, so we need to create this. They’re playing with concepts, with how things are controlled. It’s very creative."



Last Updated: July 18, 2011

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