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Study shows PS3 has the better exclusives – as well as pointlessness of exclusives

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The silly 7th console generation fanboy war has been in full swing for nearly 5 years now – and while there may be a few discrepancies in multiplatform titles, it’s generally accepted that they’re on par, with the 360 is easier to develop for, but given the time and budget the PS3 can be stretched further, providing for more impressive visuals.

More important than graphical prowess though are the games themselves – and according to Industry gamers the PS3 has the lion’s share of high scoring exclusives.

The 360, over it’s 5 year life has amassed 114 exclusives. the PS3 has 54. Of those, only 6% of 360-exclusive games have a Metacritic score of over 90%, while 16% of PS3 scored likewise. So fewer exclusives on the PS3, but higher scoring. Quality over quantity, or something like that.

Thing is though, if you examine the numbers more closely you’ll find that only 7 of those 114 exclusive games scored over 90%. Of the 54 PS3 exclusives, 9 of them received the same accolade. The bulk of exclusives score between 60 and 80 percent – meaning they’re mostly pretty good games – but it hardly seems worth the greasing of palms and effort required to secure third party exclusives, particularly timed one.

Third party exclusives are – thankfully – a dying breed. With the monumental development costs involved in crafting a triple A game this generation, it makes absolutely no sense for a developer or publisher to effectively halve their potential customer base. While in the end it’s really about money, it should be about the games – and the more people that get to play them, the better.

Read the full, fascinating article over at Industry Gamers

Last Updated: May 19, 2010

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