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Sucker Punch: InFamous 2 Demo "definitely planned"

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If you are a Playstation 3 owners and/or big InFamous fan and you were hoping that Sucker Punch would be gracing with a demo, then you are in luck. What? You were just going to buy it on day one anyways?

Of course you were but this way not only do interested gamers get to try it out, but you get to play it a little now don’t you.

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According to gaming site PSfocus (translated), they interviewed Sucker Punch’s Kenneth Schramm with regards to the demo and were told that:

Yeah, we’ve got a sample for you. It’s coming out within-a few weeks. So yes, a demo is definitely planned.

Sweet! This, unlike some other developers that seem to think it’s a great idea to release demos months after release.

InFamous 2 has a planned release date of June 7 in the United States with no confirmed dates for our regions just yet, but we can assume it would be a few days later. A beta was underway to test out user generated content but it has been interrupted by that annoying global PSN outage, although Sucker Punch say that they will extend the beta as a result.

Source: PSfocus and VG247

Last Updated: May 4, 2011

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