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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is the ultimate super villain empowerment game

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By the time Arkham Knight – the fourth title in the Batman: Arkham video game series – rolled around, Rocksteady Studios had perfected what it meant to be Batman. The caped crusader from previous entry Arkham Asylum felt like an asthmatic cosplayer (I just made myself sad) in comparison to the beast that fought the Arkham Knight, the ultimate combination of man, millions, and mania all rolled into one pugilistic package of pain.

That’s not who you’ll be playing as in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the developers’ latest return to the digital world of DC Comics. Rocksteady’s collection of rogues are a more eclectic bunch of miscreants saddled with multiple life sentences and impossible odds: Deadshot’s a brilliant marksman with a jet pack, Captain Boomerang can lob his trademark weapons at enemies while engaging in short bursts of super-speed, Harley Quinn is deadly deranged with a baseball bat and King Shark… is King Shark. KING SHARK, YO!

So how will they play then, compared to Rocksteady’s previous Arkham games? With a completely overhauled third-person melee system that complements the unique talents of the Suicide Squad. “This game is a hybrid of Rocksteady’s experience of bringing characters like Batman to life combined with really powerful, awesome gunplay,” Rocksteady’s creative director Sefton Hill said to GamesRadar.

Each character has a richer move-set, more things you can do, and more skill required to master them that you even had with Batman.

Of course it’s not just about how well you play in Suicide Squad, it’s also about how well you play with others. While Rocksteady says that players can have as much fun as they want in single-player, multiplayer will offer a few neat gameplay perks of its own. “If you’re playing single player, the other cool thing is you can even switch between the characters. You’re never locked to any particular character, for any particular section of the game,” Hill explained.

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So if you want to play as Deadshot, jetpacking around and sniping enemies, you can do that. And then boom, just instantly switch to playing as Harley, swinging around and flying into enemies with a baseball bat around the head. There’s so much freedom in the way you play the game, because we really wanted to get across that feeling of being a whole squad and not just one person going on this mission.

It’ll be a while before the game is out, but Rocksteady reckons that it’ll be ready to bring out DC’s worst heroes in 2022. And when it arrives, fans will get a Suicide Squad game that’s heavily inspired by its source material’s habit of being bloody, brutal and properly weird. “We always want to put our characters in interesting and exciting and dynamic situations, and it felt like the Suicide Squad naturally really lends itself to that,” Hill said.

”I think that’s where you always find the magic, when you can put characters in these situations that are absolutely impossible.”

Last Updated: September 7, 2020


  1. This sounds much better than Avengers


  2. Insomnia is fun

    September 7, 2020 at 11:48

    This sounds much better than Avengers


    • CodeDisQus

      September 8, 2020 at 21:46

      Can’t be much worse!


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